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Pocket T Shirts Tall. Model In White T Shirt. Grateful Dead Vintage T Shirt

Pocket T Shirts Tall

pocket t shirts tall

    t shirts
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

blood and roses revamped

blood and roses revamped

~I slipped and slid my way across Ian’s driveway, nearly crashing into his ice-covered Mustang. I was focused so intently on not falling on my butt that I didn’t notice there was someone trying to get by me.
“Having some problems?” a low voice asked. I jumped and looked up.
An ivory skinned man stood in front of me, watching me with amusement. He wasn’t tall, he was barely as tall as I was, but there was something in his stance that made me want to get out of his way as soon as possible.
“Um,” I said uncertainly, backing up against the car’s hood to let him pass. “I’m fine.”
“Visiting the Ironstones?” he asked casually, brushing his dark red hair out of his eyes and taking a step closer.
“Yeah,” I said slowly. He was staring intently at me, and it was kinda creeping me out.
“Who’re you here to see?” His red eyes (who the hell has red eyes?!) bored into mine, his expression still mildly amused but somehow darker. “Loretta’s not here.”
“Um, actually I’m here to see Ian,” I said in a high voice. Flutters of fear started up inside me as my heart started to pound faster. Something was wrong. Nobody looked at someone the way this guy was looking at me. Nobody human, anyway.
“Ian, huh?” A twisty smile spread across the guy’s face and he took another, more deliberate step towards me. He didn’t seem to have the same problem with the ice as I did.
I started backing up, in the direction I’d come, my heart thumping in my throat. He stalked after me, his smile widening into a feral grin. I made the mistake of looking into his mouth, and saw two pointy fangs in the place of his incisors.
Wait. Fangs?
There was no time to think about it. In one smooth stride, he lunged forward and grabbed my wrist. His fingers were ice cold. I couldn’t move, couldn’t even draw breath to scream for help. Fear was squeezing as hard as his grip, numbing my brain.
He pulled me forward, his free hand snaking around the back of my neck, and leaned in to brush his lips against my ear. I was shaking so hard I could barely understand what he said.
“Naughty girl,” he breathed. He shifted so his teeth were pressing against my neck and –
I was knocked flying. All my breath was knocked out of me as I slammed into the ground and I lay there, dazed, as a horrible snarling sound ripped through the air.
Loretta was suddenly next to me (so she was home), her thin body coiled into an odd sort of half-crouch. Her teeth were bared and an animalistic growl rolled up out of her chest.
“Stay down.” She hissed. As if I was going to do anything else.
And then every other thought flew from my mind as I focused on what was happening in front of me, because it made no sense, was completely and totally illogical, and yet it was happening.
Ian and the mystery stalker guy were fighting. And not in a normal street-side fist fight kind of way, but in a way that defied everything I’d ever learned about in physics. They were moving so fast they were actually blurring, their outlines shifting and warping as they moved with impossible speed through the air. As I watched, dumbfounded, stalker guy launched himself at Ian; Ian kicked out at him, his foot moving so quickly that it was just a blur of black high tops. He wheeled backwards, suddenly appearing behind Ian’s shoulder.
Ian’s pale face was twisted into a furious snarl, his long fingers clenched into fists. So fast my eyes didn’t have time to track it, he reached out and plucked the stalker guy from the air and slammed him into the ground. Stalker guy howled with pain and struggled, his arm flailing and catching Ian under the chin. Ian reeled backwards, his grip loosening, and stalker guy slipped free.
But only for a second. Letting loose a guttural snarl that made me clap my hands over my ears, Ian lunged forward, seemed to bite down on stalker guy’s neck, and before I knew what was happening, stalker guy was on the ground, and his head no longer had a body.
I sucked my breath in, my brain whirring frantically as it tried to make sense of it all, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Loretta’s tense stance inexplicably relax.
Ian stood there for a second, panting, and then he calmly straightened his shirt and turned to Loretta.
“Would you please get a lighter?” he asked. His hands still shook with what I took to be fury. She nodded, disappearing – literally disappearing – into the house.
“Ian…?” I squeaked. He didn’t meet my gaze, and I saw his jaw clench.
I glanced unthinkingly at the mangled remains of stalker guy, and was more than a little shocked by what I saw in that split second. Or, mainly, what I didn’t see.
There was no blood. Not a drop.
Loretta scampered back, kicking up ice, carrying a little pocket lighter and a large bedsheet. Ian took the sheet, shoved the lighter into his pocket, and deftly rolled stalker guy’s remains into it before hoisting it into his arms and taking off in the direction of the trees. Loretta watched him go, sweeping her long blonde hair over her shoulder.
I made a noise that sounde

#12 Tengu - Attack the Youaysee!

#12 Tengu - Attack the Youaysee!

Tres Asbrink just looks up at the with a smile as he looks of the photos"Just here to get a few things nothing much." he lets out a small laugh as he slides the pda back into the belt and then sighs as he hears the little scream for the childen to run off."DOn;t go i have candy for everyone."

Muggles almost does run but goes to grab Jaina instead," C'mon then !"

Jaina Lefevre yells "He's got pictures of me from the cage! HE"S YOUAYSEE!"

Jaina Lefevre can't run, her legs feel like they're asleep and she's bruised from tailbone to skull. Painkillers, muscle relaxants...she's lucky she's coherent.

Kimani Silvercloud "We don want your candy!" she does not trust him, she would swing out to kick him, but that might cause them all to get shot

Nellie Meads pulls our her phone, and starts taking a video.

Tres Asbrink just sighs and lets out a small grunt from the girls kick"Childeren lets all be good and sit down." he gives them all sage nod"I can tell you all a story about what happens to bad little girls and boys." he does reach into his pocket and pulls out some candy for them all if they want it.

Muggles comes back in seeing that the uac guy didn't pull out a gun or anything

River Grau slips his phoe out from his pocket, scrambling to search for a number.. any number. He just yells, "DO NOT FUCKIN' HIT UAC." He was pissed. "What do you want, Mister?"r

Nellie Meads: "Um, Miss Leor is coming, with a photographer. I'm just taking these 'til she gets here."

Jaina Lefevre is whimpering, tears running down her face. She can't stand up. "Go, please...run 'way. Don't want you cap-turd too..."

River Grau had enough comfortation with th UAC to know hiting them is just asking to get beat up.

Nellie Meads's phone rings

Kimani Silvercloud looks at Jai "I dont care, If you get captured then so am I, I dont leave my family, especially when they are in trouble" Kim sees all of the kids as her family

Tres Asbrink just shurgs as he slides the candy back into his pocket and would have let out a grunt is he was kicked by the small girl"Yes just run away i'm here to talk to the child and i will go."

Muggles looks at Jaina upset and at the adult's atitude ," Sir can I ask ya a question though?"

Nellie Meads holds her phone closer, and makes sure the sound is adjusted properly.

Muggles looks up as politely as he can

Jaina Lefevre whispers. "Go t'hell. I ain't talkin to anyone. My Mommy is gonna be real mad when she finds out."

River Grau sent a text out. He didn't run though and stayed where he was..

Tres Asbrink just leans in at the girl"Why you think i'm doing this." he gives her a big smile and then truns to the other child"What is your question i don;t have much time?"

Muggles continues," If I shoot you will it hurt any less then if anonther adult shoots ya?" He backs up not really careing who this guy was pointing his gun back at him

Muggles adds "I'm just a little curious."

Jaina Lefevre leans back away from Tres. "Said go t'hell. Drop dead. Not talkin' to you."

Kimani Silvercloud nods "you heard her, leave NOW" she says now very firmly

Muggles: I just wondering .. And tired of you scaring my friends

Tres Asbrink just titls his head at the boy"A bullet is a bullet there all the same. But if you do shoot me." he looks at the gun"Iyou miss or i still stand then i will kill you and al your freinds." he gives him a wide smile"I'm an evil asshole its what i do..." he looks back up to the girl"Now then child its time for school lessions."he holds out his hand"So best come with me or yours freinds... Not very good outcome for them."

Nellie Meads rolls her eyes. "I cannot believe this guy is negociating with a six year old, like it's binding or anything. Her mom must be somthing."

Kimani Silvercloud is getting really pissed off "Dude, are you deaf, I said leave NOW!!!"

Chameleon Blinker creeps up slowly, eye locked on Tres. She readies her sickle at her front. She tries to bring it level with the man's head, hissing. "Out…"

Muggles watches the Adult," Bullet in the head .. You won't be around I don't think to care Im thinknig"

Jaina Lefevre looks at Tres. "You hurt anyone here and you is gonna be sorrier than sorry. I'm short, not stupid. I am NOT goin' with you." She draws a breath and screams "NURSE WENDY! DOCTORS! GET THIS PERV OUTTA HERE! HE'S TRYIN' TO HURT ME!"

River Grau clasps his hands behind his back, "No offense, but if you kill me and Jaina, you'll probably get hurt by both our parents. I don't think you care much 'bout 'em other orphans, but if yah hurt us you'll be sorry. You're probably gonna be sorry 'cause your friends hurt Jaina already."

Nellie Meads looks

pocket t shirts tall

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